Aluminum oxide is a stable oxide of aluminum, with the chemical formula Al2O3. Also known as bauxite in mining, ceramics, and materials science. Aluminum oxide is a white solid that is insoluble in water, odorless, and extremely hard in nature. It is easy to absorb moisture but not deliquescent (burnt does not absorb moisture). Aluminum oxide is widely used as an analytical reagent, organic solvent dehydration, adsorbent, organic reaction catalyst, grinding agent, polishing agent, raw material for aluminum smelting, refractory material, etc.

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Boehmite is γ- The precursor of Al2O3 has been widely used in ceramic materials, composite materials, surface protective layer materials, optical materials, catalysts and carrier materials, semiconductor materials and coatings due to its unique chemical, optical, and mechanical properties.

One of the important conditions for boehmite to exert its superior properties as a nanomaterial is its uniform and stable dispersion; Boehmite prepared by sol-gel method has the characteristics of small particle size, large specific surface and pore volume.


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Model chemical composition,μg/g Physical Property
Si Fe Na Ca Conductivity
m 2 /g


D50 μm

Attached Water
ZX-BD-9995-06 ≤50  ≤80 ≤200 ≤150 ≤150 ≤10 ≤ 10 0.3~1.0 ≤0.5
ZX-BD-9995-1 ≤50   ≤80 ≤200 ≤150 ≤150 ≤10 ≤ 10 1.0±0.2 ≤0.5
ZX-BD-9995 ≤50 ≤80 ≤200 ≤150 ≤150 ≤10 - 4~10 ≤0.5
Product Features This product has low alkali metal alkali earth metals, small original grain size, small pore volume and pore size, small specific surface area, high whiteness, low oil absorption value, significant dehydration temperature, easy control of crystallinity, low conductivity, and γ、α The advantages of low temperature and high phase transition rate during phase transition.



Used as a precursor for calcining aluminum oxide to produce active aluminum oxide, polishing aluminum oxide, and microcrystalline ceramic aluminum oxide as raw materials; Used as a separator for lithium batteries and sodium sulfur batteries β— Raw materials for alumina. Used for producing high-end molecular sieves, copper-clad panels, electronic ceramics, cables, paint fillers, heat-resistant flame retardants, etc.
Normal package: 25KG/bag, 50KG/bag, 1T/bag. Customized packages are accepted
Note: we can customize new aluminum oxide products according to customer needs
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Place of origin Shandong, China
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Shipment port Qingdao, China
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Wide application range
High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder

High purity aluminum oxide powder used for precision polishing has low impurity content, small particle size, high polishing efficiency, and high polishing glossiness. It is widely used in the precision polishing industry and can meet the precision polishing requirements of products with low impurity content. Suitable for precision polishing of materials such as sapphire, glass, metal, semiconductor, plastic, etc., making their surfaces less prone to defects.



Ceramic industry

Aluminum oxide can be widely used in the production of ceramics. Aluminum oxide ceramics have many excellent properties, such as high mechanical strength, high insulation, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance; Aluminum oxide can also be used as electronic ceramics, such as vacuum devices, circuit substrates, spark plug insulation ceramics, etc. In addition, alumina is also widely used in structural ceramics, chemical ceramic materials, and fine ceramics.


High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder


High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder
Refractory materials

When alumina is used for refractory materials, it is mainly used for producing refractory boards, refractory bricks, insulation and other refractory materials. Refractory materials are stacked inside the shell of the smelting furnace, playing a role in insulation and heat preservation. At the same time, it also protects the outer shell of the smelting furnace from being melted by the high temperature inside the furnace. Refractory bricks are mainly used in the metallurgical industry, such as in the construction of steel kilns.



The electronics industry

Aluminum oxide has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry, mainly as a basic material for electronic components. Due to its excellent insulation performance, high thermal conductivity, and conductivity, it can be used to manufacture capacitors, resistors, transistors, integrated circuits, and semiconductor devices. Aluminum oxide can also be used as a heat sink and packaging material for electronic devices, ensuring their normal operation.


High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder
High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder
Lithium battery diaphragm

High purity nano alumina is used as a ceramic coating between the positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries, which has good heat resistance, high temperature resistance, and insulation performance, avoiding melting of the battery at high temperatures and causing short circuits.


Used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier

Aluminum oxide, as a catalyst and catalyst carrier, is widely used in the fields of petrochemicals, chemical reagents, food processing, etc. It can be used to prepare various chemical products such as acids, bases, ammonium, phosphates, etc. In agriculture, it can be used as an antibacterial agent, herbicide, and plant growth regulator. Therefore, alumina can be used to prepare various chemical products and has important catalytic effects.


High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder
High-temperature calcination α- Aluminum oxide powder
Artificial gemstone

Aluminum oxide is widely used in the production of ruby and sapphire. In the process of making ruby and sapphire, alumina, as a high-temperature resistant material, can help us produce high hardness and high-temperature resistant ruby and sapphire. In addition, the corrosion resistance of alumina also makes the production of ruby and sapphire more reliable. Therefore, alumina plays an important role in the production of ruby and sapphire.


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Q1:Do you accept customized products?
A: Yes, we accept customized products, we can design and produce new products depend to your needs.

Q2:Do you supply samples? 
A:Of course, we supply samples for your testing.

Q3:How about sample fee? 
A: We provide free stock samples less than 1KG, if you need special samples, please contact us and we could communicate.

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A: We will produce samples before mass production, and do final inspections before shipment.

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