What are the models of white fused alumina

What are the models of white fused alumina
  • 8th January 2024
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What are the models of white fused alumina

In industry, white fused alumina is often divided into four types: granular sand, segmented sand, fine powder, and micro powder. Not an insider, I really can't categorize this, I always foolishly can't distinguish it clearly. Next, let's provide a detailed introduction:

1. White fused alumina particle size sand can also be referred to as single sand, generally referring to F12, F30, F54, F90, F100, F220 types of white fused alumina. Mainly used in the abrasive industry, it can also be used for the production and processing of grinding wheels and some refractory materials.

2. White fused alumina section sand generally refers to white fused alumina products with sizes of 1-0mm, 3-1mm, 5-3mm, and 8-5mm. White fused alumina sand has high temperature resistance, high hardness, and corrosion resistance, which can be used for steelmaking. The slag resistance of white fused alumina sand is also very good, so it can also be used to make ceramic products.

3. The common types of white fused alumina fine powder are 325-0 mesh, 240-0 mesh, 220-0 mesh, and 180-0 mesh, which are usually mixed sand because they contain white fused alumina fine powder with a particle size of 325 or more. Mainly used for grinding and polishing.

4. Although there is only a word difference between white fused alumina micro powder and white fused alumina fine powder, it should not be confused. The model of white fused alumina micro powder is a single particle size, with main particle sizes including W63, W20, W15, W10, W7, W5, etc. The processing procedures of micro powder are many and complex, so the price is also high. Mainly used for wet or dry sandblasting, i.e. the processing and production of refractory materials.

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